Night of the Creeps/Soundtrack

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  • Music by Barry DeVorzon


1. "Smoke gets in Your Eyes" by The Platters 2. "The Stroll" by The Diamonds 3. "Teen Beat" by Sandy Nelson 4. "Bongo Rock" by Preston Epps 5. "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" by Paul Anka 6. "Let Go" by Intimate Strangers 7. "Nightmares" by The Motels (Credited in the film as C-Spot Run) 8. "Blue Kiss" by Jane Wiedlin 9. "The Big Heat" by Stan Ridgway 10. "Drive, She Said" by Stan Ridgway 11. "In the Wilderness" by Intimate Strangers 12. "Flame On" by Intimate Strangers 13. "Leave this Girl Alone" by Lorette and the Signals 14. "Deliverance" by Intimate Strangers 15. "Caught Up in the Crossfire" by The Charm Kings 16. "You Got Me Thinking Twice" by Christina Criscione

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