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The title of this low budget Mexican horror film leads you to believe that it revolves around a gang of bloody apes, well its not true. There is only one ape in the film and its actually a half ape-half human monster.

A scientist, Dr Krallman (Jose Elias Moreno) has a son Julio (Agustin Martinez Solares) who is very ill and on the verge of dying. Dr. Krallman gets an idea to save his son by performing a heart transplant, the only thing is, he needs an ape's heart for his idea to work. He hits the zoo and brings one of the apes back to his lab. In the film, real footage of a heart surgery was used, which really brings a disturbing edge to the proceedings.

Meanwhile, a female Lucha Libre wrestler Lucy Ossorio (Norma Lazareno) has badly injured one of her opponents. Lucy is very worried that she has permanently injured the girl and she is rushed to the hospital. Lucy's boyfriend is Lt. Arturo Martinez (Armando Silvestre), a dapper policeman that is a big fan of Lucy's talents in the ring.


The transplant is finished and successful, but Dr. Krallman and his sidekick Goyo (Carlos López Moctezuma) dont know that Julio is now infected with a strange disease that will turn him into a psychotic Man-Ape. The transformation occurs and Julio changes into a deranged half man-half ape. He looks like someone hit him in the face with a chocolate cake. Needless to say, the Man-Ape makeup FX in this film isn't very good, but when you see the attack scenes, the blood and gore is very explicit and brutal. Julio begins to walk through the darkness, as he stalks, rapes and maims any woman he sees. When he attacks men, he rips their throats open and tears their heads off!

After finding out about Julio's attacks, Dr Krallman and Goyo track him down and shoot him with a tranquilizer. He knows that he must try to reverse Julio's condition, so he decides to kidnap the female wrestler Lucy injured and perform another heart transplant. Its successful, but Julio only changes back to his normal state for a short time. With the ape blood still in his system, he once again transforms back to his Man-Ape state and his trail of bloody terror continues...

Night Of The Bloody Apes may not be the best horror film, but it definitely delivers in the gore and nudity. I was surprised at how graphic the Man-Ape attack scenes were. You also get some nice T&A. The film really is a fun little shocker that B-movie fans will enjoy if you can get past the more laughable aspects.

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