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NAKED is the only other movie on this list (The other is Amityville II: The Possession) that offers up a male victim, like in the true case on which EXORCIST writer William Peter Blatty had based his book. Its also the only one whose evil is geographical in origin -- A mountain-based Italian village where victim Piero (Jean-Claude Verne) has lived his entire life. Despite its postcard-beauty, the locale has a dark, ugly history that is wrought with black masses, depraved orgies and human sacrifices. These ceremonies were in fact so prevalent that even the Inquisition had been unable to fully stop them.

The story begins with Piero already full possessed and tied to a bed. His sister Elena (a bald Patrizia Gori), a nun having just returning from Africa, relays to a priest her brother's story via flashback.

One day while on a nature walk with friends, Piero glimpses a beautiful, naked redhead standing at a waterfall. He is able to snap a few shots of her with his camera. However, when she mysteriously fails to appear in the pics he curiously returns to the site. The woman is nowhere to be found but Piero finds his idea of a good luck charm -- A medallion with an inverted cross -- and begins wearing it as a necklace. It almost immediately causes him to start acting strange and erratic.

One night the woman -- In actuality a succubus named Halia (Mimma Monticelli) -- suddenly appears in Piero's room and attempts to seduce him. He reacts by attacking her and slitting her throat . . . During that same instant, at a club across town, Piero's girlfriend Sherry (Sonia Viviani) inexplicably suffers the same wound and dies a bloody heap on the dance floor.

Unaware of the supernatural goings-on, mother Barbara (Françoise Prévost) brings in a psychiatrist who suggests having Piero institutionalized. Elena is dead set against it having spent time in an asylum herself. This cues up a flashback of unsettlingly authentic footage of disturbed woman residing in such a facility.

Halia has soon taken possession of Piero although she is still capable of transforming into her bodacious self in order to seduce and sexually violate both Barbara and Elena. This succeeds in offering up the sleazy trifecta of incest, lesbianism and nunsploitation.

The entire ceremonial showdown plays out by rote with the exception of the exorcist (THE GODFATHER's Richard Conte) showing up by boat in the obligatory "arrival scene".

Reviewed by Angel Orona

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