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  • The caption near the beginning states "Thursday February 12th", indicating that the dance will be on Saturday the 14th. That means Friday the 13th falls in between them. The Friday the 13th series was released by Paramount and the plot of My Bloody Valentine is similar to the Friday the 13th films.
  • George Mihalka approached Paramount in 2001 with a synopsis for a sequel, but due to poor box office records with the original film, they declined.
  • The Irish band My Bloody Valentine adopted their name from this film.
  • Originally rated "X" for having too much gore. Nine minutes of the film was cut to make the film rated "R".
  • Ranked #17 on Entertainment Weekly's "Guilty Pleasures: Testosterone Edition" list (#927, March 30, 2007, as part of the article "Bloodbath and Beyond," about Grindhouse.) The magazine wrote, "Halloween was the classiest, Friday The 13th had the best gimmick, but this slasher flick was the most criminally underappreciated of the genre."
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