Mr. Sardonicus/Brotherhood of Satan Double Feature (Blu Ray)

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The Films

MR. SARDONICUS (1961) This creepy horror classic is based on a novella by screenwriter Ray Russell (X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes), and is brought to life by William Castle (13 Ghosts), master of terror! Desperate to retrieve a winning lottery ticket, a greedy baron unearths his father’s corpse. An enormous jackpot is his reward, but not without a price – his face is frozen permanently into a hideous grin. He enlists his fiendish one-eyed servant to help him lift this horrible curse, but their schemes fail. Finally, he turns to a noted neurosurgeon – and his wife’s former lover – to cure him.

THE BROTHERHOOD OF SATAN (1971) Children are mysteriously disappearing, their parents are being violently murdered and strangely enough, no one has been able to leave! When their car stalls, Ben and his family are stranded and are forced to join the sheriff, a priest and the prominent Doc Duncan in trying to unravel this frightening web of events. Suddenly, KT disappears, triggering a frantic search that results in the startling discovery of a deadly coven, led by Doc Duncan himself! Ben and the others must make a desperate attempt to stop these witches from performing a satanic ritual that transports their malevolent spirits into the innocent children – thus creating yet another generation of satanic worshippers!

Blu Ray

  • Region 1
  • Studio: Mill Creek Ent.
  • Video: Widescreen; 1080p
  • Audio: DTS HD MA 2.0 audio
  • Language: English
  • Subtitles: English, French
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