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  • In the theatrical release there is a film clip of punk rocker and former Sex Pistol Sid Vicious doing his version of 'My Way' the song made famous by Frank Sinatra. In the theatrical release, and first broadcasts on Showtime, the song was heard in its entirety. Upon release to home video, Paul Anka, author of the song, refused to allow the song to be included. According to the rolling caption on the home video and DVD version, no excuse was given, and no amount of money would sway him. Ironically, the performance can be seen and heard, complete, on the Theatrical, video and DVD releases of the film The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle (1980).
  • Originally intended as a TV special.
  • The "haunting" ballad 'Mondo Video', heard over the opening and closing credits, is sung to the tune of the surf guitar classic 'Telstar'.
  • The family shown in the home movie is of Emily Prager's housekeeper.
  • The show was commissioned for a special late-night NBC viewing due to the success of Saturday Night Live, and in recognition of Michael O'Donoghue's contribution to it, but after reviewing the final product the network immediately told O'Dononghue that the show was too gross and racy for even a later showing and they would not approve one. NBC did let know him know right away, however, that he was free to shop the film to film studios (not other networks) and they would not block it from getting a theatrical release.
  • Dan Aykroyd personally approached Michael O'Donoghue to do the segment which shows that Aykroyd actually does have webbed toes, because many people who had seen them on SNL assumed that they were accomplished with makeup and special effects.
  • The first cat thrown into the pool was Michael O'Donoghue's cat, Cal. The scene was supervised by armed ASPCA agents. Dirk Wittenborn's chest was scratched heavily by the cats.
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