Mondo Double Feature - Ecco/The Forbidden (BluRay)

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Let George Sanders guide you through "a world Beyond Yur Dreaming" in Ecco which means "Look, Witness, Observe and Behold" such sights as... The final performance of the Grand Guignol Theatre in Paris...A modern-day Black Mass performed outside London...A Human Pincushion who rams a rapier through his waist and a needle into his throat...And a young lady who castrates reindeer the old-fashioned way - with her teeth! Plus French Lesbians; the incredible Japanese ritual of Saidachi; a muscleman show for bored housewives; and a Parisian contest for "the Most Beautiful Butt." All served with a lush score Official Mondo Composer Riz Ortolani!

Plus: A "Mermaid" Stripper! A Nazi Stripper! "Authentic Virgin Strippers"! A School for Strippers A Swiss Lesbian Club! A Portable Topless Bar! "One of the most fantastic Murder-for-Love cases in French history"! And a violent Nudie-Movie that's actually a Karate-School Commercial! They're just some of The Forbidden scenes on display in this deranged mondo skinflick from the men who made Mondo Freudo and Mondo Bizarro.

  • Region All
  • Studio: Severin/Something Weird
  • Special Features: The Bandit - Producer David Goldstein remembers Bob Cresse • I Want More - Short Film • Ecco Trailer

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