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There might not be any mini-skirts in this film but we definitely do get treated to some murder, garter-belts, lesbian sex, a teenage boy shower scene, horseback riding, interracial motel hookups, milk man rape, and incest for this wild skin flick! As marketable and irresistible as this movie title may be, I think a more apt one would be HOUSE OF PERVERSION as to sum up the nonstop horniness of every character who enters this suburban home. They are all merely pawns to some greater power of influence within this house, so no one honestly can be blamed for whatever taboos they might exploit.

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Our movie begins with Billy, a (possibly) mentally-challenged 15 year old boy, who receives a camera from ‘mom’s male friend.’ Since it is such a beautiful sunny day, he decides to run outside to start taking pictures immediately. He’s thrilled and so is mom because now she can get naked for some extramarital action in the bedroom. Billy feels satisfied with his outside photos, but soon seeks the challenge of shooting indoors with less light. So, he comes back inside and finds his mother having sex - the perfect subject to be photographed. Billy decides to stay hidden in the doorway, so as not to spook his subjects, before snapping off of few photos.

That night at dinner, while Dad fantasies about his own affair, Billy excitedly shares his photographs with his father. Dad is thrilled, Billy is really showing a budding talent for photography, until he comes across the ones of his wife in bed with another man. Billy wants to show mom next, but dad turns furious and hits his son. Billy runs off to his room crying and mom soon finds out why. Dad starts hitting the bottle next as mom begs for forgiveness. He wants her gone because he clearly can’t stand infidelity, so she threatens suicide. Billy comes downstairs because of mom’s screams and finds dad dead on the ground. Mom cries hysterically, bent over his bloody corpse. Billy just watches…then takes more photos. This kid is one hell of an artist, what a great first day of photography!


Mom is soon committed and sexy Aunt Janet, brother to dead dad, comes to take care of teenage Billy. She soon finds his stack of photographs and decides to take them away. Maybe he is too young for all this craziness…or maybe not. First thing’s first, she orders Billy to take a shower and she’ll be in later to help. The next act of the film is a lot of incestuous seduction and Janet is a real knockout. The tension is definitely stretched for maximum effect, but don’t worry we are treated to an Aunt Janet masturbation scene involving Billy’s photographs. Now I do imagine she’s looking at the pictures of her sister-in-law having sex, but it isn’t clearly established which photos she’s actually looking at so maybe she’s touching herself to the pictures of her dead brother? I don’t know and honestly maybe she isn’t masturbating at all, but rather having sex with her brother’s ghost. That would be wild. She clearly climaxes with those photographs, but there isn’t much self-contact so one can only wonder.

Janet and Billy soon do consummate their love and it isn’t just a taboo thrill at all, but the beginning of a serious relationship. Serious enough for them to eventually invite another woman into it, not before Billy takes some sexy lesbian photographs though. And of course, just when this swinging couple couldn’t possibly get any crazier in the bedroom - mom is released from the institution. Now, I don’t want to spoil the ending to this one so I’ll just say everyone lives happily every after and the last frame is Billy grinning, camera in hand.


Josh Stephenson was born in Florida, schooled in Chicago, and lives in New Orleans. His mother went into labor while his father and brother were attending a theatrical double feature of EXCALIBUR and BLOOD BEACH. A youth spent in the VHS rental heyday led to a lifelong addiction to movies. He holds a BS in Television Journalism from the University of Florida and a BA in Film Editing from Columbia College Chicago. He continues to work in the Louisiana film industry despite a government-issued tax cap.

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