Miki Sugimoto Vs Reiko Ike (Soundtrack)

From The Grindhouse Cinema Database



Topless Japanese girls running around with guns and knives -- and some equally striking grooves to match! The collection is another one of those incredible Ultra Vybe packages -- a selection of completely obscure Japanese soundtrack work from the early 70s -- especially to ears like ours, only trained on the sounds of the west! As with other volumes, the styles here are a mix of guitar instrumentals, funky jazz numbers, off-beat pop, and other tremendous stuff -- all pulled together from vintage films, and re-assembled in a completely mindblowing batch of grooves! Unless you read Japanese, there's not much rhyme or reason to the whole thing -- but that's a-ok with us, because the music enough is plenty darn great -- well that, and the sexy packaging job too! (Dusty Groove)

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