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  • Director, writer, and producer Willard Huyck is married to Gloria Katz who also served as writer, producer, and uncredited director on the film.
  • Star Michael Greer plays an uncredited role as the 'dark stranger' during the flashback scene and at the finale of the film.
  • Elisha Cook Jr. was only required for one days shoot on the production.
  • It has long been rumored that a subplot involving a connection between Thom and the Dark Stranger was cut from the film. Michael Greer (Thom) played the role of the Dark Stranger, there's a scene where Thom tells Arletty of dream he had similar to the legend of the Dark Stranger, and during an interview before the filming star Michael Greer said he would be playing the role of "the devil's son" in Messiah of Evil (Dead People).
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