Master of Disaster

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Master of Disaster (1982, HK) is a Martial Arts film directed by Chia Yung Liu.


Main Details

  • Released in 1982
  • Color
  • Distributed by Shaw Brothers/World Northal
  • Directed by Chia Yung Liu
  • Starring Chen-Peng Chang, Han Chiang, Huang Chin, Sheng Fu, Shi-nan Huang
  • Produced by Mona Fong, Run Run Shaw
  • Cinematography by Jimmy Au (as Chu Chien Hsiung)
  • Film Editing by Hsing-lung Chiang, Yen Hai Li

Plot Summary

  • A rich young man seeks to make a name for himself by being the one to discover a lost treasure. He teams up with a streetwise kung-fu artist and together, they set out to not only find the treasure, but to figure out who is behind the mysterious deaths of the treasure hunters before them.

Also Known As

  • Caçadores de Tesouro (Brazil) (cable TV title)
  • Long hu shao ye (Hong Kong) (Mandarin title)
  • The Treasure Hunters (Hong Kong) (English title)
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