Massacre of Pleasure

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Massacre of Pleasure (Massacre pour une orgie) (1967, Luxembourg/France) is a Sexploitation-Crime film directed by Jean-Pierre Bastid.


Main Details

  • Released on January 1, 1967 (UK)
  • B&W
  • Running time: 83 minutes | 70 minutes (USA - cut version) | 80 minutes (UK - cut version)
  • Production Co.: Continental Television & Film Agency (CTA) | Kaldéa Films
  • Distribution Co.: Les films Eddie de Jong (Belgium) | Olympic International Films (USA)
  • Directed by Jean-Pierre Bastid
  • Written by Jean-Pierre Bastid, Guy Freising, Chris Pentel See more »
  • Starring: Joël Barbouth, Emilie Benoît, Willy Braque

Plot Summary

  • Jean-Pierre, a superintendent of detectives, narrates this story of police investigating three murders and discovering that their leads take them to the heart of a white slavery ring that is also in the drug trade. Men set up parties, invite young women, and then drug them, kidnap them, and sell them off to brothels. We meet Willie (a one-eyed thug), Pretty Boy (a sadist), a fat Greek who is the money launderer, and Jules, the big boss. Jules needs cash quick, so his greed also helps the police follow his trail. The police use informants, including women with drug habits, to get their first breaks. Then, the flics' net slowly closes.


  • a shattering step forward in the sensual evolution of motion picture making
  • A study in pleasure and pain!

Also known as

  • Massacre for an Orgy (United States)
  • Mädchenhandel lohnt sich nicht (West Germany)
  • Massacre de plaisir
  • Massacro per un'orgia (Italy)
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