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Original music by Steve Horelick

TRACK LISTING A1.Tense Up A2.Marz Minzies The Family A3.Marz' Tale A4.Marz Descends A5.Richie The Explorer A6.Beeboo Guitar A7.Richie Ascends A8.I Don't Need Words B1.Peeping B2.Lost in the Woods B3.Slippery Slope B4.Destructofunk B5.I Do What I Do B6.Marz Stalks B7.Rope B8.Marz Finishes TP B9.Time's Going Round B10.Destumping The Axe B11.Dave's Demise B12.Cock Blocked C1.Stalking Stacy C2.Headless C3.Losing Her Head C4.Marz Is Near C5.Ellie C6.Bang The Drum C7.Stacy's Head/Brokeback Bill C8.Secret Learned C9.Ellie Gets Fridgy With It D1.Bloodie Ellie D2.High Noon Walk D3.Saving The Kids D4.Marz' House D5.The Legend Lives- Beware Madman Marz

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