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  • Despite much internet hype, Madman is an overrated backwoods slasher boasting way too many Friday the 13th look-alike shots and several underwhelming performances. It seems that Madman Marz, a local farmer who butchered his whole family, is back on the prowl, hunting down a bunch of extremely bland and homely teen camp counselors. The soundtrack is a drag, the murders are unimaginative (except for one inspired moment) and a hot tub romance scene is so cheesy and inept, it made me yearn for the unabashed eroticism of Kathy Bates in About Schmidt (HaHa... just kidding). You may be intrigued by the air of obscurity surround this currently out-of-print flick, but there are a wealth of much better slashers currently floating around in heavy circulation. --Mdeapo 01:41, 14 October 2008 (UTC)
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