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This movie starts with the lead character named Daniela dancing around a circle of fire. Just then, she turns into one of the worst looking werewolves that I have ever seen. Her entire body is covered in hair and the worst looking set of breasts is slapped onto her chest. She has the funniest nipples I have ever seen. This movie is worth seeing just for this scene alone. A mob of villagers comes into the woods to kill her. One of the villagers strays away from the mob and the Wolf Woman kills him. The villagers find her and tie her up to a stake, just then she awakes from a bad dream.

The next scene, Daniela is at the pool with her Father and her Father tells her that her sister will be there shortly with her new husband. The husband turns out to be the same guy that she killed in her dreams. Daniela avoids her sister all day and her sister becomes upset about this. She goes to talk to Daniela, but Daniela avoids her.


Later that evening, Daniela begins to hear voices; just then a giant reptile crawls on her and begins to hump her. I really thought this was the LSD talking. I'm not sure if this really happened in the film, or did I just imagine it? Anyways, she begins to go crazy and sees her husband outside and kills him by tearing his throat out and throws him off of a cliff.

She then wakes up in the hospital and is restrained to the bed. Somehow she finds a pair of scissors and hides them. Daniela continues to look at an old picture of somebody that looks like her. It turns out that the lady in the picture is Daniela's cousin from hundreds of years ago. The story goes that her cousin was a werewolf and the village burned her at the stake. So all of the dreams that she has about being a werewolf are flashbacks of her ancestor. The doctor believes that she is suffering from a mental condition due to her being raped when she was younger.

Later that night, a lady comes into Daniela's room to have sex with her and unties her. Daniela stabs her with the scissors and escapes. She then hitches a ride from a guy that takes her to his house and tries to rape her. Of course, Daniela doesn't put up with any shit and tears his throat out too.


She then meets another guy that invites her to his house. They get to know each other and fall in love. He then asks her to move in with him and she agrees. Now she no longer has these flashbacks and begins to feel normal. Too bad it gets fucked up when three guys decide to break in her place and beat her up and kill her boyfriend. She then kills them off one by one.

A month later, the cops still cannot find her. One of the cops has a dream about finding her in a forest and decides to follow his dreams. The scene then goes to the forest, where Daniela is dancing around a fire. The cops pull up on her and hunt her down, just like in her dreams. They finally catch her and lock her in a mental institution.

The most hilarious part of this movie is at the end; they have rolling credits to tell you what happened to the characters. The sister remarried and moved to Berkeley and the father killed himself.

Reviewed by Horace Bones

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