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Some monstrous alien is wandering through a desert in America (how he got there and what he's supposed to be doing is never revealed) he soon gets tracked down by two reptilian-type of aliens (and due to the odd framing of their appearance, I couldn't even tell if these guys were supposed to be 3 feet tall or 29 feet tall!) Monster-dude attacks them with his laser-rifle, but is shot down by the aliens and evaporated. But the aliens forgot to take his weapon away when they left earth. Oops! So now we get introduced to our lead character, Billy (Kim Milford, who spends about 98% of the movie with his bare chest exposed) Billy's had a rough day so far. He tries to visit his girlfriend, Kathy (Cheryl Smith) but gets chewed out by her wacky combative grandpa (Keenan Wynn) then later he gets mocked by a pair of bullies after failing to try and race them with his van. But enjoyment for Billy is on the horizon when (out of pure luck) he just happens to stumble upon the space rifle left over by monster-dude. As Billy finds out, a certain necklace causes the rifle to shoot some wicked laserfire. Billy's now got a new toy! But this comes with a price though. Somehow, it causes a metallic lump to grow on Billy's chest (that's what you get for leaving your chest uncovered all the time, Billy) and....Well, the "Chest-lump thing" never leads to any more plot development. But one thing's for sure, whenever Billy puts the necklace on, his face gets mutated and he goes on a shooting rampage. Then some mysterious guy shows up named Tony Craig (Gianni Russo) and, once again, it's never revealed who he is or how he knows all about this alien stuff, but he knows that by the end of the movie that a shooting frenzy will occur.

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It's no secret that this one's pretty awful (It was a victim of "Mystery Science Theater 3000", afterall) So on to the little things that I happened to like:

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The stop-motion aliens were cute, along with their funky speaking language. And one quite absurd thing that occured while I was watching this was that I was quite in awe of how awesome some of those laserblasted explosions looked. Maybe it's just because I'm so used to seeing CGI explosions lately, that I forgot how identifiable and breathtaking a real explosion looks. And this movie's got plenty of them. Lastly, whenever you see the bully named Froggy (Eddie Deezen) appear on screen, DO NOT take your eyes off him. I'll just leave it at that. So while this is a sloppy and rather uneventful movie, it comes close to being in the so-bad-it's-good category. And if you happen to be a fan of those types, this would be a sure keeper.

Reviewed by Laydback

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