Kung Fu Super Sounds

From The Grindhouse Cinema Database



  • Music by Various Artists


A1. Reg Tilsley: Counterspy A2. Peter Knight: Drama Bridge A3. Peter Francklyn: Jackboot A4. Frank Rothman: Bitter Lemons A5. Jack Trombey: Manoeuvres A6. Barry Stoller: For And Against A7. Frank Rothman: Face To Face A8. Pierre Arvay: Grotte Sousmarine A9. Jack Trombey: Suppression A10. Reg Tilsley: Violent Pay Off A11. Reg Tilsley: Crime Club A12. Jack Trombey: Dodge City 1 B1. Patrice Sciortino: Abimes Souterrains B2. Paul Lewis: Nervestretch 2 B3. Sam Spence: Moog Shot 25 B4. Roger Webb: Moonbird B5. Pete Willsher / Keith Cheshire: Old Dark House B6. Pete Willsher / Keith Cheshire: Dr Witch Wot B7. Johnny Hawksworth / R. Artus: Dogarnit B8. Johnny Hawksworth / R. Artus: Duck And Blacker B9. Derek Scott: Two Minutes Precisely B10. Ronald Marquisee: Electro Beat B11. Ronald Marquisee: Electro Link 18 B12. Ronald Marquisee Electro Beat 5

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