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  • If the amount of sex scenes would equal to film quality, Kuikomi ama midaregai would probably be one of Nikkatsu’s best movies. But since it doesn’t work like that, it’s actually one of their worst (hopefully, at least). I’m no expert on meisaku roman films - Nikkatsu produced well over 1000 and I’ve seen a mere 60 - but no other genre film I’ve seen comes even close to the humping marathon that is on display here. Strangely enough, those few and brief transition parts between the sex scenes are actually not too shabby. The director, or who ever was responsible for these scenes, knows the basics of movie making, obviously, but the talent has only been applied to less than 10% of the film. I’d really like to know what was assistant director’s contribution to this production. Another positive thing about the film is that there’s one, unidentified, very hot girl that appears in at least one scene. But those 3 minutes alone don’t make the film worth seeing. Oh, and the storyline? Went to some other film. We only have shooting locations and actors here. --HungFist
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