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Factory worker, Ling (Chen Ping) is on her way home from work when she's assaulted and abducted by five men. The two main leaders appear to be Wang (Fan Mei Sheng) and "Atom" (Chen Shan, the bald baddie who you may know best in Five Fingers of Death) Ling is taken to rooftop of a nearby building where the men proceed to gang-rape her. Once the rape is over, the gang are off on their motorcycles. Over the next few days, Ling experiences internal pains and bleeding as the results of the rape. Resisting the idea of visiting the hospital to see if she's recieved an STD, Ling decides to start life over by moving elsewhere and finding a job at a nightclub run by Wong (Lo Lieh). The club's hostess, Hung (Chen Ching) agrees in hiring Ling and offers Ling to live with her for the time being.

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One night, Ling sees the other female nightclub workers chipping in their money for a donation to help out an ex-worker. Ling finds out that the donation is for a terminal venerial disease known as "Vietnam Rose". Come to find out, Ling has the same exact symptons of this threatening STD. Since Ling knows that her days are numbered, she wishes for one thing. Ling conceals her disease from Wong and asks him to help train her to defend herself in kung fu---And to carry out her revenge against the rapists, one by one.

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We know how touchy it can be when we bring up the word, "Entertaining", when it comes to a rape-revenge movie. But boy oh boy, Kiss of Death strongly does justice in delivering entertainment to this particularly infamous genre-subject . This movie flies by at a tremendous speed and you're left confounded at how this movie was able to pull such a feat off. But then again, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise since the director, Ho Meng Hua, later went on to make a few more grindhouse classics such as the original The Flying Guillotine and Mighty Peking Man (Which also reunited him with this film's unforgettable and tragic heroine, Chen Ping) The supporting cast is great too. You really grow to love Ching's friend, Hung (Who, in return, teaches Ling a "Card trick" for self-defense. You have to see this to believe it) and Lo Lieh further establishes his role at being a supreme badass. Even if his character has a crippled leg, pardon my french, but you'd be a god damned idiot if you decide to mess with him! I don't really want to give too much away but I'll just say that his character does a similar entrance during the final act of this movie the way he does in the climax of Five Fingers of Death. You can't help but to cheer and holler out loud when he repeats this act!

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Rounding out the experience for this exciting flick is, what appears to be, a mostly original musical score by Yung-Yu Chen. Complete with screeching stings when Ling feels the damaging effects of "Vietnam Rose" (Which often causes suspense for the film) and a kind of surf-rock theme for all the action moments. But one BIG favorite sequence of mine is when Pink Floyd's nefarious track, "Careful with that axe, Eugene" makes an appearance on the soundtrack when Ling is about to kill Rapist #4 at a party! The GCDb doesn't get any better than this, folks! But make sure you only have the Mandarin track as the english dub has the track replaced with library music. The impact is definetly lost with that dub on. And honestly, that's about the only fault I have with the movie. Some nitpickers could whine and groan about the rushed love story that occurs between Ling and Wong, but all it boils down to is that this is a rape-revenge movie. A rape-revenge movie that was influenced by American,Italian, and Japanese crime films and filmed in the grand tradition of the 1970's Shaw Brothers way. What more could you want? It's in your grindhouse blood to NOT let this one pass you by!

Reviewed by Laydback

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