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  • Kwei Chih-Hung is best known for his notorious horror movies The Killer Snakes and The Boxer’s Omen. Killer Constable is a swordplay film, but notably darker than most of its genre brothers. Chen Kuan Tai plays an ice cold government official who is given a mission to hunt down the men who stole the imperial gold and bring them to justice... dead or alive. Chih-Hung’s film has an unusually strong screenplay with good characterization. At times the main character seems even more cold blooded than the robbers he’s chasing. Action is plenty, but always written into the story. The brutal fight scenes also aim at a certain level of realism. Any sort of humour is completely missing. Only the slightly too fast pace in moving from one scene to another takes away some of the film’s nihilistic impact. The soundtrack features some music that was later re-used in Liu Chia Liang’s Eight Diagram Pole Fighter. A remarkable film that has received less attention than it deserves. --HungFist
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