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  • Dialogue for the film was written by Fay Weldon. "In the original script, the girls were ciphers. I gave them characters, which had the unfortunate effect of turning the film into a cult movie. I should have left it as it was. Picture dialogue: A. Picture movie: D. A terrible mix."
  • Hannah, the three-legged dog used in this movie, was cast from a local dog agency. Moreover, Hannah had lost her leg after saving her master in a robbery at the pub that she lived in.
  • Although this film takes place in the summer, it was actually shot during winter.
  • Film debut of Joanne Good.
  • The bulk of this movie was shot in sequence.
  • The nighttime scenes were shot day for night.
  • The actresses playing the schoolgirls stayed at the same hotel that their characters seek shelter in. Moreover, said hotel had guests in it during the shooting of the movie.
  • The scene with the cat having its tail cut off by one of the escaped lunatics was improvised when it was discovered that said cat was already missing its tail.
  • The principal shooting for this picture was done in four weeks.
  • One of the actors playing a psycho volunteered to eat a raw egg on screen.
  • The cast members were given carte blanche to eat as much food as they wanted to at the hotel they stayed in during the making of the movie.
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