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The German dvd by Eye Catcher (with three artwork options) is the only release currently available. It features two versions of the film. The first is the German threatrical version. 2.35:1, anamorphic and remastered, dubbed in german with optional german subtitles, and cut down to 72 minutes. Seemed like a good transfer by a quick glance. On the same disc we find the uncut version, which runs 85 minutes. In japanese and with optional german and english subtitles, but cropped to approx 1.85:1. Some scenes (say, 5 minutes, pure guess) come from a messy fullscreen source with burnt in english subs. These scenes are however very well edited in to the film as there's no notable audio drop outs, even though some additions come in the middle of a scene with music. The biggest problem aside cropping is the incredibly shitty compression (uncut version only). I haven't seen anything like this since the 90's Chiba bootlegs by Brentwood. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this is the only release available for the film, so you either buy it, wait for Toei that may never come, or jump out of the window (first and second flood don't count).

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