June 2010 Features

From The Grindhouse Cinema Database

  • Poster added for one of our favorite off-the-wall exploitation films: The G.I. Executioner aka Dragon Lady
Exploitation film reviews


. The film is currently available on INSTANT NETFLIX.

  • Thanks to Mr. Sebastian Haselbeck (our crackerjack site host/administrator), the GCDB now comes equipped with social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) buttons and links. Show your support for the GCDB and share your favorite pages with fellow Grindhouse geeks!
  • UK Editor Narcan has completed the 1st phase of our exclusive section dedicated to Mexploitation legend: El Santo. VIVA LUCHA LIBRE!
  • UK Editor Mr. White is currently adding more really cool classic exploitation/cult VHS covers to the site for your viewing pleasure.
  • Are you a Netflix subscriber with instant play? Get all the available classic exploitation/cult titles in one place with our new WATCHLIST.
  • We're happy to announce our Facebook fanpage is growing in leaps and bounds. We hope you'll stop by & JOIN US!
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