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  • Page/poster added for Fred Williamson's Italian based 1977 crime film Mr. Mean.
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  • Page/poster added for the 2nd film in the Ginger series: The Abductors.
  • Poster/Page added - Cheri Caffaro returns as Ginger that very special private eye in: Girls Are For Loving
  • We're currently working on adding a DVD section for the British Film Institute's cult film label BFI Flipside.
  • Page and DVD info added for the 1970 Shaw Brothers martial arts classic The Heroic Ones.
  • We're happy to announce that our Laura Gemser retrospective is currently under construction. Stay Tuned for the full showcase!!
  • We're sorry to hear about the passing of one of our favorite actresses from the 70s, Vonetta McGee. We've just added a bio page in her memory.
  • Page, Poster, Ad Mat added for the 1983 New World Pictures sci fi/horror film Wavelength
  • New page added for the 1982 Filipino exploitation classic Kill Squad. According to a short review on the IMDB, the movie contains some terrible kung fu, but its still alot of fun. The great tagline & poster for the movie certainly gets The GCDB Gold Star!!
  • This month marks the 3 year anniversary of the GCDB! We'd like to take this opportunity to thank our staff and fans alike for all their support and contributions. Cheers!
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