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  • Der Perser und die Schwedin / Jeunesse perdue
  • Label: Forgotten Film Ent. (Germany)
  • Sleaze Collection No. 1
  • Release date: August 29, 2016
  • HD world premiere; new 2k transfer and restoration from 35mm; 350min bonus materials
  • BluRay
    • 1080p/23.976fps/AVC
    • German Version "Der Perser und die Schwedin" - main film
    • running time 74:50, black and white, 1.37:1 aspect ratio
    • Audio: German "lichtton/positive" DTS HD MA 1.0 mono; German "lichtton/negativ" DTS HD MA 1.0 mono
    • Subtitles: German, English
    • Extras (silent or English subtitled): original pre-film "Ist das die Entwicklung..."; trailer short version, trailer uncut version; alternate opening credits; advertising materials; lobby cards; press clippings; rough cut of the strip scenes (reshoots); cut comparison rough cut with final film.
    • The films cinematic heritage in context: Introduction by Christoph Draxtra; Audio commentary (for German version) with Christoph Draxtra, Sano Cestnik, Marian Mediel, Silvia Skymanski and Sven Safarow; Audio commetary (for German version) with Udo Rotenberg, Bennet Togler and Jochen Werner; Audio commentary for original version (Jeunesse Perdue) with Nikolas Schuppe and Konstantin Hockin.
    • About the film restoration crowdfunding campaign; anti-crowdfunding campaign; restoration credits
    • Restored original version "Jeuness Perdue" - main film
    • Running time: 78:38; black and white; 1.37:1 aspect ratio
    • Audio: English "Lichtton/negativ" DTS HD MA 1.0 mono
    • Subtitles: German
    • Extras: International trailer, advertising materials; Mexican lobby cards; previously unreleased strip scene; extended twist scene
    • ROM section of the disc: essay by Thomas Groh; script; isolated audio commentaries
  • DVD
    • Cinematic presentation (program starts directly without the menu) consisting of 1) Introduction 2) Original pre-film "Ist das die Entwicklung..." 3) German Cut "Der Perser und die Schwedin" main film 4) restoration credits
  • Booklet: 36pages; liner notes by Oliver Nöding, Andreas Beilharz and Konstantin Hockwin
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