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  • In the act of performing his own stunts, he has broken his nose three times, his ankle once, most of the fingers in his hand, both cheekbones and his skull.
  • Not only does he do his own stunts, but he is a lead-from-the-front kind of guy and expects the actors & actresses in his movies to do their own stunts as well.
  • Most often dubs his own voice for the English release of his Asian films. He also dubs his Asian films in Mandarin.
  • Has a permanent hole in his head from a stunt accident.
  • In his action scenes, his punches and kicks actually connect with their targets. He has his actors wear special padding in their feet and body to prevent serious injury.
  • He worked with Bruce Lee as a stunt coordinator.
  • Says the most painful of all the injuries he's sustained in his career happened on Enter The Dragon (1973), when Bruce Lee accidentally hit him in the face with a nun-chuck.
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