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  • Although usually referred to as a being a "cucumber" or another vegetable by fans, "Beluah" is actually supposed to be a fungus.
  • Paul Blaisdell, who designed, built and portrayed the alien in the movie, affectionately dubbed his creation "Beluah". It is easily the most popular monster of Blaisdell's oeuvre among his fans as well.
  • Originally, "Beluah" was built as a squat, flat-topped creature, but when it turned out not to be imposing enough--and to actually be shorter than leading lady Beverly Garland--a tapering conical top was added to it.
  • Paul Blaisdell's friend Bob Burns restored the costume when it came into his possession long after Blaisdell's death. The photographs of it in his book "It Came From Bob's Basement" reveal it to be beet-red in color.
  • Shot in five days.
  • Composer and musician Frank Zappa made a tribute to “It Conquered the World” in his album, “Roxy & Elsewhere” (1973). In the introduction of the song “Cheepnis”, Zappa tells the audience that he loves monster movies. "And the cheaper they are, the better they are". Frank Zappa describes “It Conquered the World” as a perfect example of monster movie with its alien with an "inverted ice-cream cone head with fangs". Frank describes one special scene when the "monster came out the cavern" and he could see the technicians pushing the creature over the rail. "This is cheepnis", Mr Zappa concludes before playing the song.
  • Peggie Castle was originally cast as Joan Nelson, but had to pull out of the project shortly before filming began. She was replaced by Sally Fraser, who did it as a favor for director Roger Corman, a friend, even though she was five months pregnant at the time.
  • In 1956, American International released this film on a double bill with The She-Creature (1956).
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