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  • In the days before Shaft, he was a writer of legendary soul songs in the 60's with Dave Porter including "Soul Man" for Sam and Dave, and later a hit for The Blues Brothers. Another song co-written with Porter, "Hold On, I'm Commin'" is in The Blues Brothers film.
  • First breakthrough album: Hot Buttered Soul (1969). Hayes' "Spoken Word Introduction" style on it is influential.
  • "The Theme From Shaft" won an Academy Award for Best Song for a Motion Picture (1971). Hayes brought his Grandmother along to the Awards ceremony.
  • Black Moses was the title to his 1971 hit album.
  • "Type Thang" is in the film Shaft's Big Score.
  • Although the 1974 soundtracks to Three Tough Guys and the double-album Truck Turner were not strong sellers, they are cited among his best works ever.
  • His appearance in Escape From New York was his major breakthrough as an actor after a Late 70's period with modest sales, leading to another successful career.
  • The music to Truck Turner is featured in Kill Bill Vol. 1.
  • The music to Three Tough Guys has been featured in a number of kung fu films. It was most recently used in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Vol. 2.
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