Invaders From Mars 1953

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Invaders From Mars (1953, USA) is a Family-Horror-Science Fiction film directed by William Cameron Menzies.


Main Details

  • Released on April 9, 1953 (Detroit, Michigan)
  • Color
  • Running time: 78 minutes (US) | 83 minutes (UK)
  • Production Co.: Edward L. Alperson Productions
  • Distribution Co.: 20th Century Fox
  • Directed by William Cameron Menzies
  • Written by Richard Blake and John Tucker Battle
  • Starring: Helena Carter, Arthur Franz, Jimmy Hunt

Plot Summary

  • A young boy learns that space aliens are taking over the minds of earthlings.


  • Mankind's oldest fear comes to life!
  • Murderous Martian creatures from out of space!
  • From out of space... came hordes of green monsters!
  • Mankind's oldest fear...The Alien's last conquest
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