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  • Director Masaru Konuma has been responsible for some truly disgusting, although beloved, classics, but this time he surprises. Image of a Bound Girl is a strong character drama with good performances and challenging storyline. It’s is also somewhat romantic, although the main theme of the film is obsession. Konuma uses long takes succesfully and sometimes even seems to be analyzing the genre with pieces of dialogue that appear to be pointed towards the audience. Some of the plot twists towards the end are not totally satisfying, and there are some off putting scenes that are typical for the genre, but the relationship between the main characters – a socially disregarded university professor and a suicidal high school girl – has enough depth to carry over some weaker moments. Casting Tatsuya Hamaguchi, one of the sleaziest Nikkatsu villains, as concervative father, works as a fun little anecdote. --HungFist
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