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BluRay Review

  • VIDEO: Presented in (1:67:1) Widescreen 1080p High-Definition. A sublime transfer that brings the 1970 grindhouse shocker back to its full gory glory with a brilliant sharpness and vivid color. This is, without a doubt, the best the exploitation horror classic has ever looked on home video.
  • AUDIO: English: DTS-HD Master Audio Mono 1.0. The sound presentation highlights the psychedelic, pulsing synth score while retaining the quieter dialogue and sound effects.
  • SUBTITLES: English SDH

Special Features


  • Theatrical X-Rated Cut (83:30)
  • Director's Cut (88:19): This previously unseen additional footage contains more character information, shows part of Doc's bad acid trip and has an extended ending.
  • Audio Commentary #1 (Theatrical X-Rated Cut) features David E. Durston and Bhaskar.
  • Audio Commentary #2 (Theatrical X-Rated Cut) features Jack Damon and Tyde Kierney.
  • Audio Commentary #3 (Director's Cut) features Durston and Bhaskar.
  • Four Deleted Scenes (6:04, HD) Added for the Director's Cut, with optional commentary by Durston and Bhaskar.
  • Out-Takes (3:11, HD) a BTS look at the film's production, featuring the cast and crew working on scenes.


  • "The I Drink Your Blood Show" (28:53, SD): Durston sits down with actors Lynn Lowry, Jack Damon, Tyde Kierney and ad man Barney Cohen (who came up with the I Drink Your Blood/I Eat Your Skin double feature concept) at his home. We get to hear what the actors' experiences were like while making the low budget cult classic as they sip on Bloody Marys on Durston's back porch.
  • Interview with David E. Durston (59:52, SD): This extensive chat with the director of I Drink Your Blood gives us more intimate details on the background of his career before he made the movie. From his early work writing for television up to making what would've been his first big budget feature that was never released due to the producer's massive divorce settlement.
  • "'I Drink Your Blood' Reunion" a 2004 screening of the movie at the New Beverly Theater, with Durston, Lowry, Kierney, and Arlene Farber
  • "Cinema Wasteland" (17:11, SD) is a 2004 Q&A with Durston and Lowry at a horror convention.
  • "Cinema Wasteland" (3:49, SD) is a short interview with Durston at his autograph table.
  • German Super 8 Versions: "Haus Des Blutigen Schreckens" (15:59, SD) and "Die Satansbande" (23:45, SD).
  • Bios & Filmographies for Durston, Bhaskar, and producer Larry Gross.
  • Radio Spot, Poster Art Gallery and Theatrical Trailer

Bonus Features

I EAT YOUR SKIN (1964) High-Definition Edition: A playboy/writer Tom Harris (William Joyce) is coerced into traveling from Miami to a remote island which is rumored to be inhabited by a voodoo cult by his best friend and employer Duncan Fairchild (Dan Stapleton). After arriving, Tom, Duncan and friends gets caught up in an adventure that has them evading zombies and encountering a mad scientist who is working on an experiment to reverse the aging process.

The director of I Eat Your Skin, Del Tenney had previously made several successful B-movies like The Horror of Party Beach, Violent Midnight and The Curse of the Living Corpse. Although, when production on I Eat Your Skin ended, Tenney had problems releasing the movie and it wasn't until Producer Jerry Gross bought it and put it on the bottom of a double bill with I Drink Your Blood (1970) that it was shown in theaters.

While I Eat Your Skin is not considered a classic, it is an example of 60s indie genre cinema that still makes for a bit of fun late night movie viewing.

  • Interview with "I Eat Your Skin" 2nd Unit Director William Grefe: A brief but enjoyable and informative chat with Grefe who describes his memorable experience working on the low budget horror film.

BLUE SEXTET (1969) in High-Definition: An early rare softcore erotic film directed by David E. Durston. Featuring an early appearance by I DRINK YOUR BLOOD star Bhaskar. Includes optional audio commentary by co-star Jack Damon.

FINAL WORD: This special 2 Disc BluRay edition of I DRINK YOUR BLOOD gives fans the ultimate home video presentation of the horror classic. To top off all the extra geek goodies, the collectible booklet featuring notes by David Szulkin, Tyde Kierney, and John Damon along with the replica of Pete's medical syringe (seen in the top image) make this another Grindhouse Releasing must own!


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