How Bruce Lee Changed The World

From The Grindhouse Cinema Database

A Three Part Review Series - On November 27th 1940, in the year of the Dragon, Bruce Lee came into the world in a San Francisco hospital. At three months old his parents moved the family back to Hong Kong and it was there where Lee would start on the path to becoming the icon he is today.
 As a child Lee was nothing more than a punk who roamed the streets and rooftops of Hong Kong, getting into fights with local gangs.
 Never one to back down, Lee's head on attitude dismayed his family so much that they decided he needed guidance in martial arts, first from his father who taught him the fundamentals of Wu style T'ai Chi Ch'uan and then, aged 13, from the legendary Ip Man.
 Aged 18 Lee was shipped off to America after he beat the hell out of the son of a local Triad, this action lead to a rumored contract on his life and a warning from a local police detective that he would have to throw Lee in jail.
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