House of Women

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House of Women (1962, USA) is a Women In Prison-Crime-Drama film directed by Walter Doniger and Crane Wilbur (uncredited).


Main Details

  • Released on April 11, 1962 (New York City)
  • B&W
  • Running time: 85 minutes
  • Production Co.: Bryan Foy Productions
  • Distribution Co.: Warner Bros.
  • Directed by Walter Doniger and Crane Wilbur (uncredited)
  • Written by Crane Wilbur
  • Starring: Shirley Knight, Andrew Duggan, Constance Ford

Plot Summary

  • Drama about a young woman, Erica, who is wrongly implicated in a crime and sent to prison for five years, where she faces deplorable conditions. With the aid of the warden, she sets out to prove her innocence.


  • What The Streets Don't Teach This Jail Does!
  • Secrets of the cells! Shame of inmates! Babies born in jails! Innocents thrown in with female bully-boys!!!!
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