Hemisphere Box of Horrors (BluRay)

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Though best known for their legendary BLOOD ISLAND Trilogy, the Philippine/U.S. production/distribution company Hemisphere Pictures was also responsible for some of the most provocative and insane films of the ‘60s and ‘70s drive-in/grindhouse era. THE BLOOD DRINKERS and CURSE OF THE VAMPIRES are the still-potent masterpieces from The Father of Philippine Horror Gerry de Leon. BRAIN OF BLOOD is the all-star Grade Z classic from infamous exploitation auteur Al Adamson. THE BLACK CAT and TORTURE CHAMBER OF DR. SADISM – starring Christopher Lee and Tarzan – are Hemisphere’s two most extreme acquisitions for the company’s notorious double-feature packages.

The Films


  • Region A
  • Studio: Severin Films
  • TBR April

Special Features for The Blood Drinkers: Manong of the Philippines: Interview With Script Supervisor and Gerry De Leon’s AD Dik Trofeo • Hemisphere Appreciation by Filmmaker David Decoteau • Audio Commentary With Film Historians Nathaniel Thompson and Howard S. Berger • Partial Audio Commentary With Hemisphere Marketing Consultant Samuel M. Sherman • Deleted Scenes • Blood Drinkers Trailer • Vampire People Trailer • Radio Spot

Special Features for Curse of the Vampires: Cursed Vampire: Interview With Actor Eddie Garcia • The Market Of Hemisphere: Interview With Marketing Consultant Samuel M. Sherman • Audio Commentary With Philippine Genre Documentarian Andrew Leavold Partial Audio Commentary with Sam Sherman • Deleted Scenes • Trailer 1 • Trailer 2 • Beast of Blood / Curse of the Vampires radio spot

Special Features for Brain of Blood: Memories Of Blood: Interviews With Director Al Adamson, Producer Samuel M. Sherman, Associate Producer J. P. Spohn, Actor Zandor Vorkov, Actor Sean Graver, and Filmmaker Fred Olen Ray • Partial Audio Commentary With Producer / Co-Writer Samuel M. Sherman • Trailer • Radio Spot

BOX EXCLUSIVE BLU-RAY: The Black Cat/The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism • Special Features: Blood Demon Trailer • Black Cat Trailer

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