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Q: What's a Grindhouse?

A: Grindhouses were originally classy inner city theaters that over the decades grew to be dilapitated and grungy. They were taken over by owners who would play low budget/independent exploitation features (as well as mainstream films) in the Mid-20th Century (60s/70s/early to mid 80s). Many grindhouses had regular Double/Triple Feature rotations of these exploitation genre films. From Sexploitation/XXX films to Horror/Thrillers to Blaxploitation to Kung Fu (and every subgenre in between!). For a visual history of Grindhouse theaters on New York City's 42nd Street and other cities see our GRINDHOUSE GALLERY.

Q: What is an exploitation film?

A: Exploitation films were mainly lower budget/independent genre films that were sold/promoted on the outrageous aspects that were featured in the films. Those aspects usually being: Sex, Graphic Violence and Action. The films' promotional campaigns (preview trailers, TV ads, radio spots and posters) played an enormous part in bringing in audiences. The more crazy and colorful the trailers/posters/TV ads were, the better chance the films had to do financially.

Q: Did Grindhouses play just Exploitation?

A: They actually played many kinds of different films, but Exploitation & XXX Porn Films were certainly the most popular kinds of cinema in the inner city Grindhouse Theaters. Hence, the title of our wiki project.

Q: Does this site only cover exploitation films that played in urban Grindhouses?

A: No, we are covering Classic-International Exploitation films: US/Canada/Europe/Asia/Australia etc. Featuring 30s-40s Roadshow/Cautionary Films, 50s-60s Drive-In B-Movies, 70s Midnite Movies right up to the kinds of Exploitation Cinema that was playing when the Grindhouses closed down in the mid to late 80s.

Q: Will you be covering what became the straight to video/cable TV types of exploitation films and the New Wave grindhouse films?

A: No, GCDb is only specializing in the real theatrical Classic Exploitation Film experience. We also aren't particularly fans of those other kinds so we'll leave it up to other sites.

Q: Is this another "bad movie/cult film news/DVD review" site?

A: No, we really don't like to label classic exploitation & cult cinema as "a bunch of bad movies" just because they don't have big budgets. We simply love all types and don't like to dismiss any in that generalized way. Our view is that there's good and bad movies with every kind of cinema.

Furthermore, we are an online encyclopedia, in that, we are trying to add as much data/info as possible on each film, such as alternate titles, release years, casts and crew, DVD info, photos, film posters, trailers, news ads, VHS covers, music etc. The GCDb will be adding film/DVD reviews/trivia/info as the site grows. In other words, we don't regard ourselves as the standard film or DVD review site. Many films we are covering are not currently on VHS, DVD or BLU RAY.

Q: I love this site, can I contribute to it?

A: If you'd like to be a writer for our site, please send us a sample of your work or a link to your personal site/blog. We will contact you with instructions on how to be an editor. We can also your post reviews/articles if you would like to send them to us. Personal writing credits will be listed as well as links to personal blogs/homepages if desired.

Q: Do I have to be a professional critic/writer to contribute reviews/articles to GCDb?

A: No. In fact, this site was created by regular joes for regular joes to provide info about the movies. As long as you can describe a film's story, add some interesting details about it and explain why you like/don't like a movie, that's good enough for us! Solid information about these films is our main focus.

Q: Why is there no section for Spaghetti Westerns, aren't they considered classic B-movies?

A: As a sister site of a fantastic wiki on those films called The Spaghetti Western Database we would like to refer you directly to them.

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