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  • Filming took 40 days.
  • The majority of the movie was shot in three locations. The outside of Garth Manor was shot at a mansion in Redlands, California. The inside of Garth Manor was filmed in a residential home in Pasadena, California. The frat party was filmed in an apartment lobby in Los Angeles, California. The mansion used as Garth Manor is now a museum in Redlands, California -the owners made the change from private residence to a museum shortly after filming was completed on the movie.
  • The film makers had a hard time with the owl who was supposed to fly directly at the camera. They eventually settled with a shot of the owl flying to the upper right of the camera.
  • The many underground tunnels filmed in the movie were actually no more than two corridors in which the director had the actors running repeatedly through from different angles.
  • The hedge maze was brought in as there was no actual garden maze on the mansion property.
  • Though the movie required several shots of the actors to run from the front of the house to the front gates, the actual distance between the two is one mile.
  • For the scene where Jeff is thrown down a flight of stairs and hurt his leg, there wasn't a lot of acting involved. In reality, actor Peter Barton had really hurt himself and most of his limping was due to being in real physical pain.
  • This was the last film released by Compass International Pictures.
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