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  • First movie appearance of Tom Hanks.
  • In the original script Elliot, Tom Hanks' character, was suppose to fall victim to the killer. However, Hanks was so charismatic on screen that the writers opted to cut Elliot's murder from the script.
  • According to director Armand Mastroianni and writer Scott Parker the film had numerous working titles throughout the production. Among them were Blood Wedding, Shriek, and The Uninvited. It was the studio that finally attached 'He Knows You're Alone' to the film after it tested well with audiences under that title.
  • The shooting of the film was done in a mere 15 days and the entire production process from writing to final cut of the film was done in six months.
  • According to writer Scott Parker, Tom Rolfing was cast as the killer because Armand Mastroianni liked the 'intense' look of Rolfing's eyes.
  • In the DVD commentary Mastroianni said that horror fans frequently confuse this film with 1979's _When A Stranger Calls (1979)_ because of their similarly threatening titles. Mastroianni also said ironically 'He Knows You're Alone' and 'When A Stranger Calls' were both playing at a New York theater at the same time once. He said that the theater marquee read 'When A Stranger Calls He Knows You're Alone' as if it was all one big movie title.
  • Producers George Manasse and Robert Di Milia cameo as the angry drivers that shout at Det. Gamble during the chase scene.
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