Grindhouse Grooves: Volume 1

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Grindhouse Cinema Database presents Grindhouse Grooves: Volume 1, featuring music from classic exploitation & cult films that played the drive-ins and grindhouses of the 60s, 70s and 80s. All tracks have been remastered. This release comes in a limited 4 CD Grindhouse Reel Case edition as well as 4 CDs (20 songs per disc) in individual transparent jewel cases housed in a long box. Includes a 100 page booklet with various essays and information on the bands and films.

Pimps, Players & Private Eyes

INTRO: Dolemite is My Name [Dialogue] 1. Aragon: Willie Hutch (Coffy) 2. Cafe Regios: Isaac Hayes (Shaft) 3. Freddie's Dead: Curtis Mayfield (Super Fly) 4. Brothers Gonna Work It Out: Willie Hutch (The Mack) 5. Spaced Out: Juice People Unlimited (The Disco Godfather) 6. Willie D: Martha Reeves (Willie Dynamite). 7. T Plays It Cool: Marvin Gaye (Trouble Man) 8. Lialeh: Bernard Purdie 9. Love Doctor: Millie Jackson (Cleopatra Jones): 10. Aint It Hell Up In Harlem: Edwin Starr (Hell Up In Harlem) 11.Theme From Together Brothers: Love Unlimited Orchestra 12. Sweetback Theme: Earth Wind & Fire (Sweet Sweetback's Baadassss Song) 13. The Human Tornado: Rudy Ray Moore 14. You Cant Even Walk in The Park: Johnny Pate (Shaft In Africa) 15. Slaughter: Billy Preston 16. Blacula Strikes 17. Theme from Black Belt Jones: Dennis Coffey 18 Make a Resolution: The Four Tops (Three The Hard Way) 19. Theme from Truck Turner: Isaac Hayes 20. Theme from Dolemite: Soul Rebellion Orchestra

Hogs, Hippies & Hot Rods

Loaded [Dialogue] 1. Blues Theme: Davie Allan & The Arrows (The Wild Angels) 2. Hell's Belles: Les Baxter 3. Gravediggers: Billy Green (Stone) 4. Van Nuys Blvd.: Ron Wright & Ken Mansfield 5. That Certain Female: Charlie Feathers (Teenage Cruisers) 6. Riot on Sunset Strip: The Standells 7. Two Fingers Pointing On You: The Seeds (Psych-Out) 8. The Porpoise Song: The Monkees (Head) 9. Girl From The City: Strawberry Alarm Clock (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls) 10. Thunder Alley Theme: The Band With No Name 11. Devil's Angels: Stu Phillips 12. House Rock: Ed Bogas (Fritz The Cat) 13. Flash Bam Pow: The Electric Flag (The Trip) 14. Chevy Van: Sammy Johns (The Van) 15. Following A Dream: Randy Sparks (Angel Unchained) 16. One Tin Soldier: Coven (Billy Jack) 17. The Shape of Things To Come: Max Frost & The Troopers (Wild in the Streets) 18. Al & Alice: Tony Bruno (Hells Angels 69) 19. Ascension to Virginity: Dave Grusin (Candy) 20. Anyone For Tennis: Cream (The Savage Seven)

Sickos, Psychos & Freakazoids

P*ss Your Pants [Dialogue] 1. The Lion & The Cucumber: The Vampire Sound Inc. (Vampyros Lesbos) 2. Cannibal Holocaust: Riz Ortolani 3. Fool For A Blonde: Roger Bartlett (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) 4. Main Theme from Dracula AD 1972: Mike Vickers 5. Partytime: 45 Grave (Return of The Living Dead) 6. That's The Way Its Gotta Be: The Poets (Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster) 7. Goodbye, Eddie Goodbye: Paul Williams (Phantom of The Paradise) 8. Tourist Trap Theme: Pino Donaggio 9. Theme from Tenebre: Goblin 10. What Have You Done to Solange? Theme: Ennio Morricone 11. Daddy Put Your Coat of Many Colors On: David Hess (The Last House On The Left) 12. Science Fiction Double Feature: Richard O'Brien (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) 13. Re-Animator Main Theme: Richard Band 14. Blood and Black Lace Theme: Carlo Rustichelli 15. With You: Linda Lee (The Psychic (1977)) 16. Ms 45 Dance Party: Joe Delia (Ms. 45) 17. Struck By Boogie Lightning:L'Ectrique (Don't Go In The House) 18. His Eyes: Pseudo Echo (Friday the 13th Pt 5: A New Beginning) 19. There He Is Again: The Hues Corporation (Blacula) 20. Theme from The Burning: Rick Wakeman

Renegades, Vigilantes & Punks

Little White Lies [Dialogue] 1. The Big Boss Theme: Peter Thomas Orchestra 2. The Baseball Furies Chase: Barry DeVorzon (The Warriors) 3. I Am The Future: Alice Cooper (Class of 1984) 4. Nothings Gonna Stand in Our Way: John Farnham (Savage Streets) 5. Lone Wolf Theme: Mark Lindsay (Shogun Assassin) 6. Machine Gun McCain Theme: Jackie Lynton 7. Theme from Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!: The Bostweeds 8. Assault on Precinct 13 Main Theme: John Carpenter 9. Deep Down: Cristy (Danger: Diabolik) 10. Blazing Magnums: Armando Trovajoli 11. Death Wish Main Title: Herbie Hancock 12. Flower of Carnage: Meiko Kaji (Lady Snowblood) 13. Neon Slime: Wings Hauser (Vice Squad) 14. Super Snooper: The Oceans (Super Fuzz) 15. Way Down Under: Jerry Whitman (White Lightning) 16. Damn Dog: Robin Johnson (Times Square) 17. The Heroin Busters: Goblin 18. Repo Man: Iggy Pop 19. Reform School Girls: Wendy O. Williams 20. Drivin All Around: Guy (Street Law)

This is a fictional record created by Pete Roberts (GCDb Editor-in-Chief) for purely creative and entertainment purposes

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