Grindhouse 101: Dolemite

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    Welcome to Grindhouse 101. This is a new special feature on the GCDb that will provide interactive information on classic exploitation films. Our first title is the 1975 Blaxploitation classic Dolemite starring Rudy Ray Moore.

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    The film tells the story of Dolemite (Rudy Ray Moore) a pimp and club owner who is framed for drug possession by his main competitor Willie Green (Durville Martin). Dolemite is thrown in jail but is soon offered a reprieve if he can help the local authorities bust Green. Dolemite agrees to go undercover and hits the streets...

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    By most cinematic standards Dolemite isn't a particularly well made movie. The crude, low budget production values hinder it, yet that doesn't keep its quirkiness and charm from affecting many viewers in a positive way. This film is not made for everyone but if you do get it, you're probably a huge fan like we are.

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    Rudy Ray Moore was a legendary comedian turned actor who was highly influential on younger stand up comics of the 1980s like Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock as well as the entire genre of hip hop music. His 1975 film Dolemite remains one the classic gems from the Blaxploitation era.

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    In 2019, Director Craig Brewer directed "Dolemite Is My Name" about the life of Rudy Ray for Netflix. It stars Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, Chris Rock and Mike Epps. If you look closely at the above picture you can spot posters for the blaxploitation classics Black Caesar and Foxy Brown.

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