Gorilla at Large

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Gorilla at Large (1954, USA) is a 3-D-Crime-Thriller-Mystery-Film Noir film directed by Harmon Jones.


Main Details

  • Released in May 1954
  • Color
  • Running time: 83 minutes
  • Production Co.: Panoramic Productions
  • Distribution Co.: 20th Century Fox
  • Directed by Harmon Jones
  • Written by Leonard Praskins and Barney Slater
  • Starring: Cameron Mitchell, Anne Bancroft, Lee J. Cobb

Plot Summary

  • At a carnival called the Garden of Evil, a man is murdered, apparently by a gorilla...or someone in a gorilla suit.


  • in 3-D!
  • From the highest point of the carnival midway...he unleashes a terror never known by mortal man before!
  • Get out of his way - Before it's too late!
  • The hate-beast who lives to kill is loose!
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