Golden Queens Commando

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Golden Queens Commando (1982, Taiwan) is an action-adventure film directed by Yen-ping Chu. Followed by Pink Force Commando.

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Main Details

  • Released in 1982
  • Color
  • Directed by Yen-ping Chu (as Lawrence Full)
  • Written by Foo Lap
  • Starring: Sophia Ching, Hilda Lau, Brigitte Lin, Silvia Pang, Teresa Tsui, Sally Yeh, Elsa Yeung, Jackie Chan (uncredited)
  • Produced by Joseph Lai, Yeung Tan, Yeung Dang Fooi
  • Original Music by Stephen Shing
  • Cinematography by Lam Man Kam
  • Film Editing by Gong Wong Hung

Also Known As

  • Amazon Commando
  • Commando Amazon
  • Crime Force


Seven female commandos escape a women's POW camp during WWII for the purpose of destroying a Nazi chemical lab in the heavily fortified “Valley of Death". Each of the seven amazons (Black Fox, Black Cat, Dynamite Suzzie, Sugar, Amazon, Brandy and Quick Silver) brings her own specialized brand of mayhem into the arena, all of which are unleashed when they descend on the factory, where they are greeted by a deadly array of traps and fighters. Be sure to check out the equally amazing sequel, Pink Force Commando.

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