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The fifth Girl Boss film changes some the key players; Norifumi Suzuki is gone for good, replaced by Sadao Nakajima, and Reiko Ike is taking her first day off from the series. In the opening scene Miki Sugimoto tries to run from the officials, but is captured and thrown into a dark cell with her hands tied and shirt removed (of course). After some 30 minutes of passable women in reform school entertainment the film really kicks off when the girls escape. Sugimoto meets a man running from the law (Tsunehiko Watase), while the other girls have their own adventures. Escape From Reform School isn’t a classic film, however, it’s an enjoyable representative of a classic genre. A bit surprisingly Nakajima - best known for his yakuza films (although not a complete stranger to Toei pink) - gives even more room to erotic content than his predecessor, and does quite successfully. There isn’t too much violence, but the action packed ending is very satisfying. The soundtrack is pretty good, too. --Hung Fist 14 April 2009

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