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  • For those interested in this short lived genre, this is possibly the closest to being a mix of Arthouse and Grindhouse as it could get, and should be checked out as one of the better examples. The very attractive Poggi plays the blond victim in this film which tries to blend in S/M Dramatics a la The Night Porter and Salon Kitty, with that element being highlighted by Maristella Greco's presence (sometimes with a whip) as Alma, the lover of Starker who's not too pleased at his new interest. The music is possibly the best in this genre with it's slightly Wagneresque style, fitting the film perfectly, while the Gore amount is very little, and bad FX fans should take note of gerbils being used for rats. Those looking for something more effect driven could be disappointed, but this one has it's fans, and out of all of the Nazi Exploitation films of The Late 70's, this remains one of the most ambitious attempts at bringing a more Dramatic edge to the scene. --Screen13
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