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< Gator
  • Original Music by Charles Bernstein



1. “The Ballad Of Gator McKlusky” 2. For A Little While (Beach Love) 3. Fight In The Night 4. Hanna’s Club 5. Leaving Home For A Little While (Changing Love) 6. Cocktails At The Pool 7. Laying The Trap 8. “For A Little While” 9. Swamp Chase 10. Moment Of Truth / Ghetto Shakedown 11. Erotica 12. For A Little While (Goodbye Love) The Extras (Cues Not On The Original LP Release) 13. First Meeting 14. Society Source 15. Gator Drugged 16. Alley Scene 17. Gator Makes His Catch 18. For A Little While (Last Love)

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