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1. Robert Corff: I'm Looking For A World 2. The Gourmet's Delight: First Time, Last Time 3. Robert Corff: Please Don't Bury My Soul 4. Johnny & The Tornados: Cry A Little 5. Robert Corff: Maybe It Really Wasn't Love 6. Johnny & The Tornados: Juke Box Serenade 7. Johnny & The Tornados: Castles 8. Robert Corff: World That We All Dreamed Of 9. The Gourmet's Delight: Today Is Where 10. Robert Corff: Don't Chase Me Around 11. Johnny & The Tornados: The Pueblo Pool 12. Johnny & The Tornados Gas Man 13. Robert Corff Got To Get Movin' 14. Johnny & The Tornados: Bubble Gum Girl 15. Robert Corff: This Is The Beginning

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