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In the 5th film in the series, things take a twist when we are taken out of the Camp Crystal Lake setting and to a reformitory for troubled teens. After a creepy, cool introduction with a cameo by Corey Feldman reprising his role as the young Tommy Jarvis we meet the now older Tommy (John Shepherd) who is the main character in this film. We can see he is still plagued by what happened a few years earlier when he killed Jason Voorhees. Tommy has spent most of his life afterwards in a state mental institution and we see he is still haunted by Jason. He still has nightmares and hallucinations.


When Tommy arrives at the halfway house called Pinehurst, he is greeted by the owner Matt (Richard Young) and his sexy assitant Pam (Melanie Kinnaman). They explain to Tommy what the rules of the house are (Pam explains its actually an honors system) and Tommy is very quiet. They can see that Tommy is still affected by all the drugs and years of mental sickness. Tommy goes up to his room and while hes unpacking, he opens the closet and is startled by a huge rubber spider. He meets Reggie The Reckless. Reggie (Shavar Ross) is playing a prank on Tommy, but he doesnt know what Tommy has been through. Tommy then puts on one of his homemade monster masks and scares Reggie back. Reggie is impressed by Tommys masks.


Outside the police show up at the house with two of the kids from the halfway house. They were caught having sex on this crazy hillbilly lady named Ethel's (Carol Locatell) property. Pretty soon, Ethel shows up with her retarded son Junior (Ron Sloan) on his motorcycle and she lets Matt know shes pissed about the kids screwin on her land. This is a very funny scene and all the kids start laughing when this lady swears her head off in front of the sheriff and the others. Then her big dumb son joins in and that just pisses her off even more.


One of the helpers at Pinehurst is the dangerous looking punk Victor (Mark Venturini). While he angrily chops wood with a large axe, one of the resident kids, Joey (Dominick Brascia) a fat retarded kid walks over to the help a couple of the girls who are putting up laundry to dry. Joey is eating a candybar and stupidly picks up the white sheets covering them with melted chocolate. The girls flip out and yell at Joey, they tell him to get lost. Joey then walks over to Victor and starts buggin him. We can see Victor isnt very happy in this job and the more Joey talks, the more agitated Victor gets. Victor finally tells Joey to leave him alone angrily. Joey puts a candy bar on the stump Victor is chopping, but Victor angrily whacks it with his axe. Joey gets angry at Victor, tells him off and starts to walk away, but Victor snaps and nails Joey right in the back with the large axe. The cops and an ambulance are called to the scene and the 2 EMTs goto look at Joeys dead body. One of the EMTs named Roy (Dick Weiand) sees Joeys face and he seems startled. His fellow EMT cracks a joke about the dead retarded kid and this seems to deeply bother Roy as he menacingly stands in front of the other EMT.


One night, two kids: Pete (Corey Parker) and Vinnie (Anthony Barrile) are stuck on the side of the road and they cant get their car started. Vinnie has to take a leak while Pete tries to fix the car. Vinnie tries to find a place to take a leak in the woods, but he hears a noise nearby, then he sees its just a rabbitt. Pete is fixing the car and hears a noise. We see a road flare being ignited by a mysterious figure. As the bright light of the road flare gets closer to Pete, he cant see and the figure violentally shoves the flare right into Pete's mouth! When Vinnie returns he doesnt notice his friend is dead (hes slumped over the car like hes working on it). He tells Pete to get the car running or hes in big trouble, suddenly the car starts up and Vinnies happy, but not for long, a hand grabs his head and a knife slashes his throat open!


At the house, Tommy tries to adjust to his new home, but he is still hallucinating and seeing Jason everywhere he looks. He tries to take his medicine but he cant get Jason out of his head. One day at breakfast, when Tommy comes down to eat, he is asked to call one of the kids, but suddenly hes startled by the kid who tries to scare him with one of his own masks. Tommy is really angered at this and when the other kid tells Tommy to lighten up, Tommy bugs out and starts to wail on the other kid with force. Matt quickly subdues Tommy and tells him to relax. The other kids are shaken up by this sudden act of violence.

One of the workers from the mental instution Tommy was at is going out for a night on the town with his girl. He pulls up to the diner where she works and yells at her to come out so they can leave. She makes him wait while she gets herself dressed up. Meanwhile in the car this guy is taking out his drugs and hes doing this impression of Ed Norton from The Honeymooners, its funny stuff. Inside his girl is telling herself how sexy she is, looking at her boobs in the mirror (nice!). She gets ready and goes out to the car, only the cokehead isnt there. The girl looks around then sees a pair of legs and feet standing with an axe outside the car. She tries to run but is met with an axe in the chest. No drinks n dancing tonight!

The two nympho kids from Pinehurst decide to go out into the woods and have some sex. They get a sheet and run out into the woods and get ready to bang away. As they get naked, we see the drifter from Ethel's place is nearby watching them. Suddenly he hears a noise and realizes someones near him, as he turns around he is chopped down by the mysterious killer. After the kids are done having sex, the guy decides to go wash up at the pond. While he goes to clean up his girlfriend lays down and relaxes. As she lays there, everything is peaceful, that is until we see the killer above her with a pair of branch cutters. She screams out. Down by the pond her boyfriend is hanging out and starts to walk back to the girl. When he gets back he sees her naked body and thinks shes sleeping, he rolls her over to find her eyes have been cut out. He screams and frantically backs up towards a tree. When he hits the tree, a leather strap flies from behind the tree and keeps his head tightly pressed. Behind the tree we see a pair of hands twisting the leather belt tightly, as the belt crushes the kids head. The killer twists the belt until it snaps.


Reggies brother Demon (Miguel Nunez Jr) is in town and Reggie wants to visit him. He asks his Granddad (who is the cook at the house ) and his granddad tells him he doesnt think its a good idea. Reggie gets pissed, and his granddad finally says yes. That night, Pam takes Reggie and Tommy to the trailer park where Demon is camping at with his girlfriend. Reggie is happy to see his big brother and then introduces Pam to Demon and his girl. Tommy is waiting at the truck, while he looks at the neon trailer park sign, he is hallucinating again about Jason. Suddenly, a motorcycle flies up to him on a motorcycle, its Ethel's dumb hillbilly kid Junior. Junior laughs at how he scared Tommy, but when he sees the blue truck he realizes Tommy is one of the "nutcases" from the reformitory. He starts yelling at Tommy and calling him names. When Tommy gets irritated enough he flips out again and beats the snot out of Junior. Pam sees this and scream at Tommy to stop it. Tommy breaks down and runs off down the street crying. Reggie and Pam say goodbye to Demon and leave to go look for Tommy.


In the trailer park, Demon has eaten a bad enchilada and he has to take a dump FAST. He runs to the metal outhouse and relieves himself. While hes on the crapper, the outhouse starts to shake. Hes pissed and tells whoever it is to stop doing it. Then when he hears its his girlfriend, he tells her shes gonna get it. She tells him to chill out, then starts singing a corny little love song to him. When he hears that, he starts singin with her. Demon realizes hes singing alone and his girl isnt there. The outhouse starts to shake again and this time hes really pissed. He tries to open the outhouse door, when he looks down he sees her dead body and the door is being held closed by someone. Demon freaks out and starts yelling. Suddenly a large spike slams through the wall, Demon tries to move out of the way but with the next strike, it gashes his leg. Demon is hurt bad. When he moves again, the next strike impales him.


The big dummy Junior has driven back to his house and is so upset from being beat up by Tommy, he drives his motorcycle around the yard screaming and yelling to his mother that hes been beat up. Ethel is making her famous "vat of stew" inside and tells Junior to "shut the fuck up", but he wont, because hes driving his motorcycle full throtlle in circles around the farmhouse. When Junior comes to a tree, we see a large axe fly out from behind and Juniors head is lopped clean off. The motorcycle noise stops and Ethel is glad. Shes trying to make her big vat of stew and cant concentrate. Suddenly an axe comes through the window and wacks her right in the face. She falls face down into the stewpot. No stew tonight!

Back at the house, Reggie is on the couch sleeping while two of the kids are watching a movie. Pam has gone off to look for Tommy. The kids are alone in the house now. Matt and Reggies granddad arent around either (I wonder what happened to them?) One of the kids has a crush on his girlfriend, but when he tells her this, she laughs in his face. He gets really mad and walks upstairs to talk with the Debbie Harry-Terri Nunn-Madonna wannabe Violet (Tiffany Helm). Violet is listening to some loud goth music and when he tries to talk to her she cant hear him. He shuts the door and gets even madder. Then he sees a axe coming at his head (now hes mad AND has a bad headache!). Violet is doing some bizarre dance moves (freako), and she doesnt know the killer is in her room. She thinks she hears something, but when she turns around noones there. She goes back to dancing, when she turns around again, she gets picked up by her head and stabbed! Finally, some peace and quiet!

Downstairs, Reggie is sleeping on the couch and after trying to wake him up, the redhead girl decides to let him sleep there. She goes upstairs and takes off her clothes and hits the hay (shes a carpenters dream!). When she turns over in the bed, the lightning flashes and she sees the dude she turned down staring back at her, only hes dead. She screams and then a hand holds her down and impales her. Reggie wakes up and decides to go upstairs to see if Tommys back yet. When he goes into Tommys room he sees a pile of dead bodies on the bed. He screams out and then Pam shows up. She asks Reggie whats wrong and he tells her to look in Tommys room, as lightning flashes and lights up the room, Pam gets the idea, screams and takes Reggie and runs downstairs. They run through the kitchen but they both trip and fall. With an entrance from hell: Jason smashes through the front door and Pam n Reggie know theyre in deep trouble! They take off and run into the woods. They get to the road nearby and see an amulance with its lights on, when they open the door, they see its one of the EMTs whos been killed. Like a jack in the box from hell, Jason pops up and Reggie then proceeds to scream like a little girl and leaves Pam in the dust (funny scene). They both run back into the woods. Pam runs and tries to find Reggie but hes out of there, he took off like Carl Lewis on speed!


Pam gets back to the house and calls for Reggie, but hes not around. She tries to move through the house, but a body gets thrown through the window in the classic Voorhees style and ruins her mood. Its Reggies granddad with a spike through his head (guess he made someone mad). Pam cries and runs outside, but Jason is right on her tail (a sexy one too). She slips in the mud and tries to crawl away but Jason is jjust too fast for her and hes all ready to do her in. With a crash, we see someone driving a large tractor through the barn wall: Its REGGIE THE RECKLESS! Hes coming right at Jason full steam! Pam moves ot of the way and Jason gets bashed with the tractor dump by Reggie. Jason flies back about 30 feet and hes messed up good. Pam and Reggie run into the barn to hide. Finally, like the wussy he is, Jason gets up and when he sees his own blood, he gets REALLY pissed. Jason enters the barn and looks around for his victims. He hears a noise from inside one of the barn stalls and when he goes to look inside, Pam flies out with chainsaw! She goes after Jason, but he fends her off with his machete. Reggie is up in the loft cheering her on. Then, in a quick shot, Pam nails him and gashes his arm, Jason falls on his ass. Pam runs to the ladder and climbs up to the loft to join Reggie.


The big showdown in the film, begins when Tommy shows up at the barn (complete with rain and lightning) while Pam and Reggie are hiding from Jason. Jason sees Tommy and Tommy tries to make a connection with Jason (by repeating his name over n over) but for some reason he cant get through to ol Jason. As he stares at Jason, he forgets to run and Jason slashes Tommys chest and he falls down. As Jason gets ready to kill Tommy, Tommy pulls out his trusty Buck knife and jams it right into Jasons thigh. Jason falls down and Pam and Reggie yell to Tommy to hurry up and join them in the loft of the barn. Tommy slowly makes it up the ladder and Jason follows. When Jason gets to the top he looks down and sees Tommys lifeless body. Jason begins to look around the loft and he hears a noise, he sees Reggie and walks towards him menacingly. Reggie stands behind a beam but Jason brings his machete down scaring Reggie.



Pam tries to hit Jason, but she ends up in front of him, right near the open barn door, where there is a large spiked bed on the ground. Reggie knocks Jason down and he falls out the barn door. Pam and Reggie go to look over the edge to see if hes dead (never do that!), Jason pops back up and grabs Reggies leg. They try to get Reggie loose from Jasons grip, but they cant. Tommy finally comes to (lazy ass), and takes the machete and slices Jasons arm. Jason falls down and lands right on the bed of metal spikes. As Pam, Tommy and Reggie look down, they see its not Jason after all, its Roy, the quiet EMT.


While at the hospital the Sheriff explains to Pam that Joey, the fat retarded kid who was murdered by Victor, was actually Roys illegitimate child. Roy never took care of Joey, but when he saw that Joey was murdered, Roy snapped and decided to get revenge on the people who had let Joey get killed. Roy took on the persona of Jason to fuel his rampage of revenge. Theres another nice shock ending to the film that I wont spoil for viewers who havent seen it.


This is one of my favorite installments of the series because it has a great story twist and it has one of the highest body counts from any of the Friday series, which is kinda funny because the real Jason isnt even the killer in this one! Along with the interesting modes of death by the Jason imitator Roy, you'll also get alot of humor from characters like Reggie The Reckless and the disgusting hillbilly mother and her dumb oaf son.


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