Friday The 13th Pt 4: The Final Chapter/Soundtrack

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< Friday The 13th Pt 4: The Final Chapter
  • Original Music by Harry Manfredini



A1. What Boy, M'am? / Main Titles A2. Helicopter A3. The Morgue A4. Hacksaw To Throat A5. Squeezing The Banana B6. Dock Prank B7. Stalled Car B8. Tommy's Room B9. Midnight Skinny Dip B10. Paul Gets The Point B11. Mom Looks For Kids B12. Lights Out C13. Jimmy Is Screwed / Tina Thrown / Ted Watches The Movie C14. Lights! Camera! Hacktion! C15. You Give Me A Cleaver C16. Trish And Rob C17. Tommy Reads / Trish Pleads / Rob And Trish Meet Jason D18. La Muerte De Jason

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