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  • I'm certainly a person who is in the minority when I say that my favorite installment of the entire Friday the 13th franchise is the second film. Although I think that the first film is still very strong to this day, I never could buy Mrs. Voorhees as the killer. But in the second film you have backwoods inbred Jason running around slicing everyone to pieces. He was creepy and much more interesting in my opinion than the Jason everyone recognizes because of the athletic equipment he wears on his face. This Jason was menacing in a way that I never felt they could duplicate in any of the other films. Not only that but this was one of the few Friday the 13th films that I actually thought was made to be scary in any way, shape, or form. Most of the sequels in the series managed to have one eye winking at the camera during the majority of the carnage, but not in this one. That mixed in with the fact that this Jason had a different look in the other films will always be reasons why this one will stand out in the series to me. It should also be noted that Jason's look in the film is almost identical to the look of the "Phantom Killer" from the 1976 Charles B. Pierce film "The Town That Dreaded Sundown". It's also been recognized that some of the killings much like in the original Friday the 13th were inspired by scenes from Italian film director Mario Bava's film Bay of Blood aka Twitch Of The Death Nerve. --Ed Demko
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