Frank and Tony

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Main Details

  • Released in 1973
  • Color
  • Rated: R
  • Runtime: 97 minutes
  • Distribution Co: Aquarius Releasing
  • Production Co: Dino de Laurentiis Cinematografica
  • Directed by Michele Lupo
  • Written by Nicola Badalucco,Sergio Donati, and Luciano Vincenzoni
  • Produced by Franco Cancellieri
  • Music by Riz Ortolani
  • Cinematography by Joe D'Amato & Aldo Tonti
  • Editing by Antonietta Zita
  • Starring: Lee Van Cleef, Tony Lo Bianco, Jean Rochefort Edwige Fenech

Also Known As

  • Power Kill (USA) | Dio, sei proprio un padreterno! (Italy) | Homme aux nerfs d'acier (France)| Mean Frank and Crazy Tony | Escape From Death Row | Gangster Story (Sweden) | La Pistola (West Germany) | Tapporaha (Finland) | Gun Man (Germany)


  • Frankie Dio Had To Kill...And For His Work He Used A Drill!
  • Get Out And Get Even!
  • ...a different way of death
  • Crazy enough to take on the cops and the mob... Mean enough to whip 'em!
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