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  • Rosanna Arquette, Diane Lane, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Kristy McNichol all auditioned and/or tested for the role of Annie which in the end was cast with Runaways singer Cherie Currie.
  • This film was released the same year as the similarly themed movie Little Darlings (1980) which starred Kristy McNichol and Tatum O'Neal. McNichol auditioned for the role of Annie in Foxes (1980) with the role going to Cherie Currie.
  • First credited role in a theatrical feature film of actress Laura Dern who played Debbie.
  • The Los Angeles region that the foxes hung-out in was the San Fernando Valley.
  • According to Cherie Currie's book "Neon Angel", she and Jodie got along real well. But Jodie's mother was not all that interested in Jodie making friends with Cherie.
  • Annie (Cherie Currie)'s shoulder tattoo of a cherry is real. Currie had got the tattoo during her tenure as lead singer of the band The Runaways in reference to their signature song "Cherry Bomb".
  • Buddy Foster, Jodie Foster's brother and a child actor in his own right, was up for a role in this film. They wanted him to play the love interest to his own sister. They eventually recast the love interest role and Buddy can be seen in another role.
  • According to a musician hired for the project, the original story concept centered around an all-girl rock band who was being groomed by an established female pop singer. The script was rewritten so much, the band element of the story was dropped.
  • According to Adrian Lyne, 17-year-old Demi Moore showed up to auditioned for a role.
  • The original title was "20th Century Foxes" but was shortened to "Foxes" to avoid a lawsuit from film studio 20th Century Fox.
  • Debut theatrical feature film of actress Kandice Stroh, actor Robert Romanus, actress Marilyn Kagan and singer turned actress Cherie Currie. Prior to this film, Currie was primarily known only as a singer.
  • Robert Romanus and Cherie Currie appear in this movie together. Thirty years later, Romanus had a small role in The Runaways (2010), a movie about the formation, success, and eventual disintegration of the band that Cherie Currie was in before acting in Foxes (1980).
  • Debut theatrical feature film directed by Adrian Lyne.
  • Star Billing: Jodie Foster (1st), Scott Baio (2nd), Sally Kellerman (3rd) and Randy Quaid (4th).
  • Second of two films that actor Scott Baio and actress Jodie Foster made together. The first had been Bugsy Malone (1976) around four years earlier in 1976.
  • The soundtrack of this 1980 movie featured a song called "More Than a Feeling". Director Adrian Lyne's later film Flashdance (1983) had a hit song called "Flashdance... What a Feeling".
  • The movie did get nominated for a couple of awards, both for Young Artist Awards, for Best Family Music Album (United Artists) and for Best Young Actress in a Major Motion Picture for Jodie Foster, but the film did not win in either category.
  • Some movie posters for the film featured a long blurb that read: "People don't think we can have any serious emotions. Nobody gives a damn. But that's all right, I've got friends.".
  • Debut produced screenplay for a feature film of writer-producer Gerald Ayres.
  • Second of two films that British producer David Putnam made with young American actors Scott Baio and actress Jodie Foster. The first had been Bugsy Malone (1976) around four years earlier in 1976.
  • Second of two films that composer Giorgio Moroder made with British producer David Putnam. The first had been Midnight Express (1978) about two years earlier in 1976 where Moroder had won an Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Original Music Score.
  • One of two early 1980s Hollywood movies with central teenage girl characters. The other picture was Little Darlings (1980).
  • The picture was "an inverted Saturday Night Fever (1977)" according to Time Out.
  • Cherie Currie revealed to E! Entertainment that one member of the cast ruined one take of a scene by grabbing Currie in an exaggerated romantic way and kissing her. Jodie Foster was not pleased with the goofing around, and ordered the set shut down until everyone could get serious again.
  • Sally Kellerman has only vague recollections of filming "Foxes". She was shooting another movie simultaneously, "It Rained All Night the Day I Left", which meant a few days of work in Los Angeles followed by several days of shooting in Tel Aviv, Israel. Kellerman says she spent the majority of that year flying in planes.
  • Foxes (1980) was the first of three films with titles beginning with the letter "F" for director Adrian Lyne. The other movies are Flashdance (1983) and Fatal Attraction (1987).
  • Actress Jodie Foster played a character, Jeanie, with a similar first name to her own.
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